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  1. 100% Malaysian Ownership
    The business is 100% owned by a local Malaysian and have been in the herbal industry for over 30 years..
  1. Clean and Halal Variation of Products
    Over 100 types of products have been produced by HPA and are comprised of health products (herbs), domestic household items, food and beverages, cosmetics and more.
  1. Cheap and Affordable
    HPA products’ prices are very competitive and affordable. HPA also emphasizes the principles of IHSAN in terms of product prices to ensure every group of households, no matter rich or poor will be able to purchase it.
  1. Recognized for MLM Sharia
    HPA entered the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) era starting 1997 and later on received MLM Sharia recognition from Majlis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).
    Latest Status: HPA is in the process of acquiring acknowledgement from Malaysia’s Book of Record for “First Multi-Level Marketing Syariah (MLMS) Company in Malaysia”.
  1. Application of Islamic practices in employment
    All of HPA’s employees are obliged to cover their aurah, reciting Al-Ma’thurat and perform Dhuha’s prayer before commencing work.
  1. Perubatan JAWI
    HPA introduces the concept of JAWI Medicinal Practice which combines Divinity and Nature as its basis. The definition of Jawi, is as listed in the following which functions to highlight Thibb Nabawi medicinal methods.
  1. Product Advertising Through Mass Media
    HPA advertises their products such as Radix Coffee in TV3, TV9, daily newspapers, public transport, billboards and social media in the digital web.

HPA International Sdn Bhd

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