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History of Jawi Practices

JAWI Traditional Practice was founded by Tn. Haji Ismail bin Haji Ahmad. The word JAWI was taken in honour of his birthplace Jejawi, a district in Perlis, Malaysia.

Definition of JAWI Medicinal Practice

JAWI Medicinal Practice is a holistic system that combines 2 main sources: natural and divinity. The practice is based on unwavering faith that the nature of healing comes from Allah S.W.T the Asy-Syafii (The Divine Healer) and principal of medicinal efficacy.

The word JAWI refers to:

J : Jejawi

The name of a small prefecture in the state of Perlis, where the medicinal practice first started.

A : Alamiah (Nature)

Treatment using natural ingredients as one of the main source of its medicine.

W : Wathan

An arabic word that carries the meaning of origin. This refers to how JAWI medicinal practice is based on using the natural sources that can be collected from the place the illness or diseases originated from.

I : Ilahiyah (Divine)

Using Divine sources as one of the inspiration for medicinal treatment. The practices and researched done are based on guidance from Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.

JAWI Medicinal Sources

JAWI Practice is a medicinal concept that highlights two main sources namely Divinity and  Natural. It is based on the sunnah from Prophet S.A.W:

“Use the two cure: honey and Al-Quran” (Hadith transmited by Ibnu Majah dan al-Hakiem)

Herbalist observes honey ad a natural source while the Qur’an as Divine source. Divinity here refers to the acknowledgement that all diseases comes from Allah S.W.T and therefore only Allah S.W.T is capable of providing cure for the disease. As said by the Prophet S.A.W:

Seek medicine, for there is no disease that Allah has sent down except that He also has sent down its treatment..(Hadis Riwayat Ahmad)

Treatment is much more effective when the practitioner have strong spiritual relations with Allah S.W.T. Prayers and du’a are the essence of JAWI Medicinal Practice, Trust is its complement, while efficacy and knowledge is its base action.


Therefore, Divine sources gives faith that the process of healing comes from Allah S.W.T the As-Syafi (Divine Healer). Patients are encourage to be closer to the Al-Mighty plus stay away from harmful behaviour.

Natural sources refers to using the blessing of the local land such as plants and animals. Ongoing studies are often conducted on the potent properties of plant’s parts such as roots, bark, trunk, flower, fruit, leaves and others.

These sources are meticulously selected. History has recorded the usage of herbs as a medicinal remedy since centuries ago. It has been inferred that more that 20,000 species of hers have been used throughout the whole world.

Therefore, the JAWI Medicinal Practice fits with Islamic medicinal principals such as:

  1. Faith, having faith that Allah S.W.T. is the provider of cure. In addition, the treatment must be done with love and care, as appropriately outlined by Islam (Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah).
  2. Using halal medicine, thoyyib (good) dan in no way will be using haram medicines or one that was mixed with haram ingredients.
  3. Treatment principal of not bringing any hazard. The remedy and treatment should never harm the body, except in desperate situation where no other treatment is available.
  4. Medicinal treatment does not contain any superstition and heresy elements.
  5. The principal of looking for something better, based on the Islamic method and medicinal knowledge.
  6. Finding reasons based on effort and faith, plus frequently put in effort to find the best cure.

Medicinal Treatments in JAWI Practice

  1. Cupping (Al-Hijamah)
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Chiropractic (Spine Correction Treatment)
  4. Reflexology Massages
  5. Lymphatic Massages

Diagnosis of Diseases in JAWI Medicinal Practice

  1. Diagnosis through the palm’s nerves
  2. Diagnosis through the pupil (Iridology)
  3. Diagnosis through tongue and pulse

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