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History - Herba Penawar Al Wahida

Rumah Lama Tn. Haji Ismail

Rumah Lama Tn. Haji Ismail

HPA is short for Herba Penawar Al Wahida which translates to AlWahida Herbal Treatment. The name was in honour of Tn. Haji Ismail’s first child. However, the name Herba Penawar Al Wahida refers to the process of healing that comes from Allah Almighty. On 1995, HPA managed to rent few buildings in Kuala Perlis Industrial Zone under the then government Development Bank scheme. Forward to 1997, HPA bought 6 lots of MIEL factories in Jejawi Industrial Zone in Sematang, Perlis.

Production of products in initial stage depended on only 3 pastry ovens used for the process of drying tree roots. HPA started out with 6 employees and with an initial capital of RM 3 thousand. HPA growth was quick that it then owns enough facilities to establish a working herbal factory.

Currently, HPA Industries Sdn Bhd owns 5 factories namely its coffee factory, herbal factory, sauce factory, bread factory and cordial factory. 2 of its factories, the coffee factory and herbal factory earned GMP-standard manufacturing. Furthermore, HPA is in a continuous effort at commercializing herbal plantations in addition to working on its organic poultry business.

HPA International Sdn Bhd

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